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"Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master." ~ Philip Kotler

Hello! My name is Amy Pierce. I'm a freelance marketer and owner of ALP Marketing, LLC. My focus is helping small businesses with their marketing projects and offering ongoing marketing support.

To help you promote your business, I employ both traditional and digital marketing strategies for producing eye-catching, revenue-generating marketing campaigns.

Digital & Traditional Marketing Strategies


Connecting you with your customers at the place where they spend their time - online.

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Creating relevant and engaging content to post on your business pages. If needed, setting up business pages too.

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Designing and implementing quality emails that establish loyalty and build trust with your target audience.


Grow your business with the tried-and-true marketing techniques.

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Producing marketing materials essential for communicating your brand identity and key information.

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Delivering your promotional printed pieces to your target audience.


Get help with your marketing goals

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