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Being successful is satisfying;

helping others be successful is gratifying!


I've always been creative and enjoyed doodling on everything since I was a child. I've also been very passionate about helping others. Not just in a business sense, but with life in general. It's been a gift that I have been blessed with. And putting those two things together is what this business is all about. 

I was introduced to the field of marketing in 2010, when I began working for a family-owned IT business. They were looking for some help with basic marketing tasks, such as a monthly newsletter and occasional mailings/emails, so I took a chance at the job opportunity. It was then that I found being creative and helping people become successful was the career for me!

But 2010 wasn't where my desire to use my creativity and helping others started. After graduating York Technical Institute in 2003, my goal was to get into kitchen and bath design using AutoCAD. I found that I could use my passion for innovation (and computers!) to help people design a kitchen and/or bath that they would love. However, in 2003 the housing market wasn't booming and landing a job as a new designer wasn't successful. But life - and survival - continued on.

Flash forward 7 years and I was finally getting my goal back on track. It wasn't as I had envisioned it when I went into college, but it was exactly where I wanted to be! And that's why with all of the skills I have learned along the way that I'm running this business today. I'm here to work with you and help solve your marketing needs as part of your team and not just taking you on as a client. I want to understand and learn your frustrations and solve the problems surrounding your marketing efforts. 

Meet Some of My Clients

Hempfield Business Coalition

Main Street Software, Inc.

Tandem Technologies LLC

Lincoln Highway Vet Clinic

 Red Rose Sanitation Solutions

Williams Wealth Management

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