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Helping Small Businesses Build Loyalty and Trust Through Their Online Presence

Digital Marketing

Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience at the right time and at the right place. With digital marketing that means you have to connect with them where they already are - online. Digital marketing is more than setting up a website, having social media profiles, and randomly sending emails out. It's about maintaining a congruent online presence across multiple platforms. It's about nurturing leads and converting them into customers.

Are Your Digital Marketing Efforts Costing You Too Much Time & Money?

Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing shouldn't be treated any differently from your other marketing efforts. It's an essential part to your marketing strategy and when not included results in missing out on vital connections. Targeted social media marketing is one of the best ways to get in front of the audience you seek.

I will assist with developing a social media marketing strategy, which would include analyzing your target audience needs, creating engaging posts and images, putting together a monthly/yearly calendar of scheduled postings and maintaining the account(s) of daily activity.

Still don't have a business social media profile? I will assist in properly setting up business profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Social Media

Email Marketing

As more things are being done via our mobile devices today, out of convenience and prompt response, email is more important than ever. It's one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods of connecting with your target audience of customers and prospects. However, with it being so effortless and becoming second nature for communicating, it can become your worst enemy if not executed properly. 

Looking to get into the email marketing arena and don't know where to start? I will set-up your own business account through my preferred email marketing platform, Constant Contact, and develop an email marketing strategy for your business.

As an expert with using Constant Contact for over 10 years, I understand what methods work to achieve high open and click-thru rates and what methods work to minimize bounce rates and spam reports. I monitor and report the analytics to you after each email campaign has been completed.

Already have an email marketing platform that you're using, that isn't Constant Contact? That's OK. I have experience using other platforms and will partner with you to execute campaigns out of your current platform and will monitor and report on each campaign completed.

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Email Marketing
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