To generate a consistent stream of revenue and keep your business out in front of your clients and prospects, you need to constantly be developing new strategies and marketing campaigns.

Let ALP Marketing, LLC handle your marketing efforts at an affordable cost - leaving you time to focus on more important business tasks - while saving you time, money, and an enormous headache from trying to do it all.

Listed below are some of the common marketing tasks that I handle, explained. In order to provide you the perfect solution, I need to understand your exact needs. While this may be a list of common tasks I can handle, it's best if you reach out to me for a quick phone consult to discover how I can assist you.


BASIC GRAPHIC DESIGN: Creating visual content to communicate marketing messages such as brochures, post cards, flyers, invitations and much more!

BLOG WRITING/FORMATTING: Creating blog posts based on your business/interests and/or formatting images and text of pre-written posts.

CONTENT WRITING: Producing engaging content for communicating marketing messages such as articles, letters, blog posts, newsletters, case studies, etc.

EMAIL MARKETING: Creating and setting up various marketing campaigns that are effective, that keep you in constant touch with your database and boost engagement.

FILE CONVERSIONS: Converting files into different file types, such as PDFs to Word, etc.

FORM CREATION/FILLABLE PDFs: Creating forms for paper or online, that can also be fillable PDF forms, such as assessments, quotes, etc. 

FORMAT DOCUMENTS: Editing documents that need to be formatted with proper layouts, fonts, styling, and such design elements. This can range from a formal letter to a book.

LANDING PAGE DESIGN: Designing landing pages in concurrence with marketing campaigns for registrations, sign-ups, freebies and more.

NEWSLETTERS: Creating paper and/or online e-newsletter content to be distributed to your database weekly, monthly, quarterly or more. This would include researching topics (if not provided), writing the articles, structuring the newsletter and sending via postal and/or email.

ONLINE RESEARCH: Collecting vital information online that is essential to your marketing efforts.

PRESENTATIONS: Creating effective presentations in PowerPoint or video formats. Given the direction of what is needed or is provided by you, the presentation will be constructed into a successful arrangement.

PROOFREADING & EDITING: Reviewing your important documents, website content, white papers, etc. that could use a second pair of eyes and providing feedback of editing suggestions.

QR CODES: Creating codes to direct clients or prospects to a particular landing page, website, virtual business card, etc. that work alongside your marketing message.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: Creating a social media profile for your business, making sure the account is set-up correctly and managing the profile (which you will have full access to as well.)

SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING: Scheduling daily/weekly posts for one or more of your social media profiles, content can be written or you can provide the postings.

SURVEYS/QUESTIONNAIRES: Creating surveys or questionnaires to gather feedback from your customers to evaluate what you've been doing - to assist with improving and refining content.

WEBSITE UPDATES: Engaging visitors and attracting new interest by updating web page content, adding new images, checking links on site, maintaining your daily blog posts, writing content for new pages (to be provided to your web developer) and much more.