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In order to achieve your marketing goals you need to have a marketing strategy in place. Every business needs one, yet they are rarely ever done. Once the marketing strategy is completed, you can then use it to create your detailed marketing plan. These two work together to promote and grow your business.

A great marketing plan will achieve your specific goals by balancing various strategies aimed at your target audience, how it is communicated, what you are promoting and how you plan to grow. 


Marketing Strategy - Understand what you are trying to achieve

Marketing Plan - Decide how to reach those goals


Below is my strategy for how I can help your business achieve your marketing goals:

Business and Marketing Assessment

First, I start by assessing your business - what it is you do, who your clients are, what products and/or services you offer. I also assess what marketing efforts you've done - what's worked and/or not worked. Discovering your business inside and out lets me treat your marketing needs 100% accurately.

Marketing Strategy and Plan Development

After conducting the assessment of your business and marketing efforts, I now have an understanding of what marketing goals you are trying to achieve and will complete the marketing strategy. Going a step further, I put together the detailed marketing plan of how to achieve those goals.

Marketing Content Creation

Once the marketing strategy and detailed marketing plan have been reviewed and approved by you, I can begin to create the marketing content for the campaign(s). This would include designing such things as: brochures, post cards, direct mail/sales letters, newsletters, etc.

Marketing Content Implementation

Now that the content is created - and approved - it's time to get it in front of your target audience. Here is where the execution of the campaign(s) will be done. This can be as simple as providing you with the printed materials or as complex as having the printing and mailing done for you.

Measurement and Reporting

The process doesn't just end once the campaign(s) have been sent out. You want to know that your marketing efforts paid off and hit your goals. After running the campaign(s), I will work together with you (and your team) to gather all of the results from both ends to compile a detailed report based on the findings.

Marketing Campaign Refinement

Not every campaign will run with 100% success. There will be times when something misses the mark and it doesn't work out as intended. This is something that should be anticipated, but not expected. So, when this does happen, adjustments are made to the campaign(s) accordingly to hit the mark and improve the overall effectiveness.